Cute Two Pieces for An Affordable Price?! I’m In!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Hello all!

As many of you know its August and almost time to head back to campus- but not without a little shopping. My university usually kicks things off with student events,concerts, and of course frat parties. With all of these events one can only have one important question,”What will I wear?”.So of course I scoured the internet for something affordable and of course fun to wear to a gathering. I just so happened upon this little two piece! I found it on Lulu’ and there was free shipping with a purchase of 50$ or more. This piece was so perfect I couldn’t believe it. The bottoms came was a very flowy faux skirt. There are shorts made in underneath and I really like it because of how this they are. The skirt zips in the back and is very comfy. The top was a bit tricky to accommodate but I loved it all the same. It does come with double layers that cover very well and is made into a halter in the back. Because I’m a bit chesty I descided to wear a black bandeau with it which doesn’t take away from the dress at all. The material is very good and doesn’t feel cheap. It doesn’t require ironing unless you just murder it which is very good for travel. I thought I’d pair it with black or taupe heels or maybe flats for a concert.IMG_4424

Don’t Forget to Stay Chic!

All in all I love this outfit! Please check out Lulu’s! I am an Affiliate and I want you yo get in on these great deals!Shop Lulu*s and enjoy $10 off + Free Shipping on US orders over $100 – Use promo code ‘Freeship10’ at checkout. Click here!Shop LuLu*s - Spring Into Action in the Season's Hottest Looks!


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