Exploring Your Own Magic City!

There are three things you must know if you know me. The first thing is, I’m not a french fry person. I might eat them depending on the sauce or situation, but I’m definitely not one to order them of my own accord. The second thing is that I will definitely never ever order a BLT under any circumstances.I hated the wretched sandwich when they served it in elementary school and have hated it ever since. The Third thing is that I’m from Birmingham, and I’m proud of it. Birmingham just isn’t a tourist town, and it’s not hard to figure out and it’s okay, but that tide seems to definitely be turning.

Tonight I had the lovely opportunity to visit our newest tourist attraction, “Uptown”. I’d seen it from the interstate with its dazzling lights and giant TV screens but never made it down there myself. Tonight my family went in celebration of conclusion of my summer classes. The restaurant we chose was the “Southern Kitchen”IMG_4267

Many of its dishes and drinks were named after other attractions and cities from Alabama. the atmosphere was the perfect blend of southern hospitality and the representation of the city with its iron and steel accents. The Bar was the center of the room and rightfully so. It was clad in artwork and steel siding and an impressive bartender. Unlike many moder-nish  bars and restaurants the staff was cold and robotic. They were actually very friendly and sweet!  Everyone greeted us, even if they weren’t our server. The ceilings were high as well as the windows which showcased an absolutely beautiful sunset (Check out my photography down below!

I’m giving a disclaimer here to say I am not a food critique so take whatever I say with a grain of salt (haha food, salt, get it?). I am definitely not a fan of the BLT sandwich nor am I a fan of french fries. The menu description was just far too impressive to pass so I thought I’d give it a try. The waitress informed me that the BLT would be accompanied with their special jalapeño-honey french fries. I winced at the thought of piles of greasy french fries while trying to choose a somewhat healthy option, but none the less I agreed to the side to avoid hassle.


I have absolutely never been so wrong about assumptions in my entire life. Upon the first bite these french fries were none like any other. The light spicy and sweet taste was a perfect mixture with the very light seasoning salt. They were so good in fact there was no need for ketchup! The BLT was piled high with thin crispy bacon,extra sharp cheddar cheese, and garden fresh lettuce and tomato. The quality of the vegetables was very different from what one would receive at a chain restaurant. They were crunchy and bright and tasted very organic. The whole wheat toast was just dense enough to  hold all of the sandwich contents without being hard.

In all I have to say that I am very impressed with Uptown.I am excited to see the new expansions to the attraction and more to come to Birmingham! There is more to meet the eye than list and television screens, but quality food and southern class and charm.



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