First Time Trying a MAC Product!

Hello Human beings of the internet! I bought new stuff and I wanna tell you about it! Okay so for all of my makeup wearing years there’s one brand that I’ve just never had that yearning for. You know how you walk up on a product and your soul just needs it? Well I never felt that for MAC, ever. I have my staple pieces from certain brands but that one I just couldn’t get hip to. Well a few days ago I was on Pinterest and saw this adorable blush. Everything was great, the blush itself, and the packaging was very posh and alluring. I went out and bought it and I have to say, the MAC store just doesn’t give a good shopper’s vibe for me, I don’t know what it is. Anyway, I got my product and took it home. Upon opening the package I was kinda skeptical because the color looked so lack-luster. I tried it on the next morning and I was completely blown away! The flush is perfect for my skin tone and it adds shimmer for a highlight. It Stays on all day and I have to say I’m completely obsessed! So To All you MAC virgins out there- check it out! I’m Happy I did!


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