Summer Sale Adventures!

Hello Everyone! As many of you know it is summer and children are running through sprinklers, most drinks are preferred nearly frozen and of course the pot of consumerism is bubbling wildly. With that said I saw fit to take advantage of the sales being offered this week and I thought you guys would like to know my opinion on the experience! Or if you like I also created a Haul Video of things I bought if you’re interested in Watching!summer haul thumbnail
Okay, so my first stop was my whole mission for the trip- Victoria’s Secret. Every few months or so they send those free panty things in the mail and I am of course a sucker for them. The store I went to was very bare, as in nothing but hangers on the wall bare and a few of those over priced track sets that no one ever buys. This was a horrible occurrence considering I went to a smaller mall thinking things would be less picked over, I was clearly wrong. I have to admit they did organize what they did have and it was pretty neat because I found a descend sweater and cashed in my coupon (score)!

Alright,the next stop was Charlotte Russe and if you know me personally you know I hate stores like this. I like expensive things on sale/budgeted and many times I find these clothes are just one wash and done and it’s frustrating to me, especially if I like the item. Today was different, I found that they had a wide variety of Headbands on sale and I honestly wish I’d have bought more it was just that good.

The next store was possibly my favorite stop-Ulta. There’s just something about the idea of drugstore and high-end products under the same roof that just completely makes my heart stop and my wallet open like a stripper’s legs. My main interest as the NYX sale. Ulta usually provides this sale semi annually and it is bomb. I had a few items in mind but I also wanted to go in open minded especially when everything is so cheap. I picked up a few back up items as well as a few new ones. I also found a pressed translucent powder which I was very interested in but I didn’t but it because it was cracked. The bulk of the sale seemed to be lip products. I went on the next to last day of the sale so I had my worries. All in all I thought the sale was great and the cashier was excellent and so kind! He will definitely have me back in the store soon.

The last store I visited was possibly the most useful. Throughout the years I’m always so horrible about earrings whether it be losing or breaking them, so I made a stop at Lotus Boutique for some finds. I absolutely love their clothes and accessories! Raiding their sale rack is so awesome especially on a slow day. I found numerous earring sets in jewel tones that were very Kendra Scott-ish. I really like how polished they are to be so cheap!

Thank you to everyone reading my blog! More Great stuff to come!


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