Parisian Inspired Makeup!

Last Night I was literally wired. I scoured through blogs, Pintrest and articles galore exploring my newest obsession, French Fashion. When I was twelve I went to Europe with my grandparents and I loved every second of it. The young women with effortless hair and the people riding their mopeds through the city, it was something I will never forget. Yet here I am years later nestled under a blanket eating dried cranberries scrolling through pictures of burets and trench coats. There was one particular article that struck a cord with me. An interview between Alexa Chung and Caroline de Maigret. She was stunning, fearless and beautiful.I read the article where she spoke about French beauty versus American beauty and so I went to work. The french makeup look was really so effortless it was almost nonexistent. I recently added a brightening concealer to my collection and I couldn’t wait to try it out. By mixing it in with my regular concealer I created the perfect bright under eye.I used a highlighter on my cheeks because blush would’ve been too harsh. Next I used all matte shades for my eyes except the crease shade. I used a midnight shimmery blue and finished with a winged eyeliner and a pinky fuchsia lip. Although I’m a bit off the mark with my French accent I think the makeup look was very clean and perfect for museum days and coffee shops.IMG_3983


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