“No Makeup” Makeup Look? How is this possible?!

Hello all!
Today has been a really exciting day!We now have marriage Equality in America! I am thoroughly excited for our country and how far we have come and I think it’s amazing. Any who, today I did a little bit of fiddling around and descided to film for youtube. I had a few thoughts on what I wanted to do last night and I descided on a “No Makeup” tutorial. Sounds Wacky right? I know, but still it seemed worth a try.
As you can see in the photo above these are the products I used and the outcome. So I thought I’d take you all through everything I did and If you want to see in real time you can check out my video.

So I started off with my usual face and eye primers and followed with the Maybelline BB Cream in dark. The feel of the product is very light as well as the finish.It is supposedly a “wonder” product with many uses but I only use it as a base and nothing more, it’s probably the most used thing in my collection.I then followed with my NYX concealer in Nutmeg and filled it in with my new Clinique airbrush pen in medium caramel. Although this product isn’t functioning in the way I would’ve liked it’s still very good when mixed with a creamier formula. Next I followed with a Revlon Cream blush in Coral Reef. I feel like the cream formulas make the products look more natural on the face.After that I followed with a dark liner against the the lash line and a dark brown shadow lightly blended into the crease. I polished off with the They’re Real mascara from Benefit and a Clinique chubby stick in rose. I used a setting spray because not only is it lighter but it’s better than adding more products with powder.

All in all I was very pleased with this makeup look, and I’m thoroughly pleased with this blog post! Thank You for Reading!


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