Top 10 Tips for Taking Care of your Handbags

Purses are by far one of the trickiest fashion accessories in my opinion. High end or Low end? Which ones are fit for everyday and which ones simply can’t stand daily errands, and finally which one is best for your outfit? Handbags are an investment, no matter what the price. I have handbags from Target which I wouldn’t dare part with and then of course I have my high end bags that I sold my soul to get a hold of (my mother can attest to this). So in this blog post today I’m going to give you my tips for taking care of all of your lovelies!

  1. Wipe trouble spots with damp cloth or maybe use light detergent. A lot of times scuffs and maybe a floor mark or two and get on your bag. I find that this happens a lot during travel. The damp cloth with provide just enough clean to make your bag like new and the detergent will help with any particularly stubborn marks.Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 11.11.03 AM

  2. Store your bags in their dust bags or use shoe dust bags as an alternative. Most bags usually come with their brand’s dust bag so that you can tell what they are in storage. If for some reason they don’t come with a dust bag I find that shoe dust bags work great, especially the ones for boots for larger handbags.

  3. Stuff with bags with tissue or possible paper to help them keep shape. I find that the decorative paper they give at Victoria’s Secret works perfectly for bags that have a slight frame to them. For bags that are really floppy I find that thicker paper works well. I like to use the paper from shipped products in these situations.

  4. Store in sight  in a cool area so that you remember to use your handbags, leaving them in dank places can cause them to mildew and smell. I like to use in sight storage for handbags. Not only are they really pretty and add a feminine feel to your space, but it helps you remember to switch out your bags for use.

  5. When rotating your bags make sure to have one or two staple bags for everyday use so to not wear out your more expensive handbags. I like the Longchamp bags because of how durable they are and they come in assorted colors and they are really easy to clean.

  6. Care for the inside of your bag! Ge gentle with the inner lining of the handbag by not packing it with pens who’s cap might open. Keep makeup products in a zip lock or makeup bag to avoid spills. This will also keep your makeup protected from cracking and help you to stay organized.

  7. Check with the designer for other ways to take care of your bags! Usually brands will have a card or tag inside with directions on how to take care of your bag, it is also great to check the brand’s website for other methods. Some leather brands make sprays specifically for their bags to maintain color.

  8. Always treat stains as soon as possible, the longer you wait to clean it off the less possibility you will have of getting out the stain. Be careful about stain removal because some products are sometimes too strong for certain materials. 

  9. Mind your straps! Check your straps occasionally for damage or wear,most leather or even shoe shops can repair or replace broken or worn straps. Plus it’s always great to patronize small businesses and many times it’s not very expensive!

  10. Last tip: Avoid over cleaning your bag! sometimes that small scuff can be rubbed off with a dry cloth . Exposure to harsh chemicals can lessen the life of your bag.

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