My First Blog Post!

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 9.13.53 AMHello All and Welcome to my Blog!
I’ve been contemplating staring a fashion blog for a very long while and just now got the time to start one! with Summer in full swing I can’t wait to discuss everything from handbags to neutral eye looks to Summer essentials! As You can see above this has lately been my go to summer outfit, I really like how light the color of the denim shirt is. I bought it from the brand Land’s End through Sears. Although their line is more geared towards older women I find there can be a lot of pieces for younger gals if you just take the time to look. The Tank top under neath is from NYC and Company. I honestly think I bought a hundred colors when they came out a few years ago! I like that they’re light and comfy with enough coverage without being to form fitting. My shorts are from Lotus boutique. I love these things! They are so light and the peachy color is muted but has just enough color to catch your eye. My only hang up is that they are a complete hassle to iron, but I try to store them inside of dry cleaner’s plastic to minimize wrinkles. My handbag is by Rebecca Minkoff through Nemian Marcus. I have absolutely fallen for this little bag! I’ve had my eye on the Minkoff line for a while now, but never went through with the purchase and one day I just so happened to be pinning through the clearance online and it was there for a hundred dollars. The color is a pinky flushed metallic with gold hardware. The bag is very well made and I love hot the inside is so roomy to be so small. Finally my necklace is actually a body chain. I found it when I was in New Orleans this past May in an H&M. It was very reasonably priced among other accessories I bought and It’s quickly become a staple in my wardrobe. Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog! Hopefully this will be the first of many and I can’t wait to see where this leads!


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